Hey, I'm Alex a 27 year old media designer who is studying the sixth term of Media & Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck.

I'm developing communication and interaction solutions mainly in the field of new media. With these solutions information, values and positions are conveyed visually and technically. My focus is on user-centered design development in the field of web sites and web applications.



Designing interfaces and processes means more to me than make things shiny and lovely. They have to be usable and meaning full for a certain target group. Actually I love to dive deep into details. This means for me to start with the smallest element to create something enjoyable.


For me design is closely connected with technology. In our daily lifes we use a huge bunch of technology to organize, communicate and create. All these processes need an interface which enables us to interact. I'm exited to explore the new connections between technology and design.


In my opinion the design concept is closely associated with an analytical approach and almost seen as a scientific discipline. It's extremely interesting to see how concepts are accepted, used and finally reach a smarter level via an iterational development.

  • Passion

    Whether the sketch of an idea, during a team meeting, listening to a presentation or at an event - sketch notes are my daily companion. Nearly every interesting thing or sticker ends up in and on my sketch book.

    Charge the textual level with images and structure them at my pages helps me to keep the important facts in mind and remember them. I find it easier to link terms with images or words that I actually know. This seems to me more practical than draw up endless listings.

    But espacially it makes a lot of fun to do inbetween some analog stuff and get shit done.

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